What Really Works for Lice?

Answer Lice are tiny insects that are typically found on the head; however, they also can be found on other parts of the body as well. These parasites can be transmitted to others by simply sharing a hair... Read More »

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Lice lice lice i'm an 11 year old girl hat can not get rid of lice i don't want to shave my head help?

There is a whole bunch of things that need to be done to get rid of lice.You need to use some lice shampoo and use a lice comb.This should kill the lice and the comb removes the eggs.Then your bedd... Read More »

What Really Works for Acne?

Acne is troubling to deal with. It can affect your social life and your self-esteem. Though there's no known cure for acne, numerous treatments are available---either over-the-counter or by prescri... Read More »

What Really Works to Grow Hair?

Just as tree rings are to a tree, your hair is an indicator of overall health. Poor diet, stress and illness can all cause hair to grow thinner, as can mistreating your hair through bad hair-care p... Read More »

What really works to get rid of ants in the house?

depends on the ant species, some feed on sweets some on proteins so using an appropriate bait is the easiest. Unfortunately there are a few home invading species that just won't feed on any baits.... Read More »