What REALLY works to stop you from crying when you chop an onion?

Answer Lighting a small votive candle near my chopping board. I thought it was the most bizarre thing I've ever heard, but it actually works. I have super sensitive eyes and keep my onions in the fridge... Read More »

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How do you chop an onion without crying?

Just try to cut it really fast and stand back and wash your really fast when your done and put some eye-drops in your eyes before and after. hope this helped!

Can anyone tell me how to chop an onion without 'crying'?

Trust me on this one.. light a votive candle near your chopping board....for some reason you won't cry ... try it!!

What's the best way to minimize (stop) 'crying' when chopping onion?

watch this vid

How to Chop an Onion?

The onion is a popular ingredient in many dishes. Learning how to chop one quickly and effectively will help your skills as a chef in the kitchen. Here's what to do.