What REALLY determines how well you tip?

Answer First and foremost the wait persons customer service skills.I don't want to have to look for my waiter every time I need something.I don't want them to bring me food that shows that they payed abso... Read More »

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What Determines Whether an Ion Will Form?

Atoms are the smallest particles that still retain the chemical properties of an element. They are made up of subatomic particles called neutrons, electrons and protons. Ions are charged atoms or g... Read More »

What determines how many calories you need a day?

According to the website of the American Cancer Society, a woman who weighs 150 pounds and who is moderately active needs 2,523 calories per day to maintain her weight. Your sex, age and activity l... Read More »

What determines property value?

Property value is determined by several characteristics including the condition and location of the property. Several economic factors can also help determine the value of property. A home situated... Read More »

What determines the value of money?

Government policies and market forces combine in the global economy to determine the value of money. Value is also influenced by the actions of governments and economies of other nations.FiatIn mod... Read More »