What Questions Should I Ask a Potential House Cleaner?

Answer Draft a job description and advertise in your neighborhood. Search for house cleaners by asking friends, family and your neighbors if they know of a reliable cleaner. Make up a list of interview qu... Read More »

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What questions should I ask about a potential daycare?

I've done contract work in many day cares, my friend, so I'll share my own observations.1. When checking out a child care center, the director will give you a tour. Ignore all the wonderful thing... Read More »

How Much Should One Pay for a House Cleaner?

The Microsoft Zune MP3 player has a special ability that is not shared by many other MP3 players. It can transfer files wirelessly with other Zunes. It doesn't need a computer as an intermediary fo... Read More »

What questions need to be sucked into a vacuum cleaner on Wikianswers?

On the Almond Breeze website, it states that you can store it refrigerated for up to six months. Not sure how true that is because it has never lasted that long in my household. But I have had open... Read More »

What is the difference between electric potential&electric potential energy?

Electric potential energy describes the maximum amount of energy that can be used in an interaction among two or more charged particles. Electric potential, on the other hand, is the electric poten... Read More »