What Properties of a TV Antenna Make it Better Than Other Antennae?

Answer The following are a few general over-the-air (OTA) antenna and reception guidelines:   • Outdoor antennas are always better than indoor antennas.   • With rare exception the higher the an... Read More »

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How can i make my radio have better FM audio if it has no antennae?

it may have an antenna that doesn't look like an antenna, it may be a string looking thing. but either way, you have to move it around to find a good spot to pick up that station. usually putting... Read More »

Are twins supposed to get along better with each other than other siblings who aren't?

well its said that twins get along better.... but theres always an exception..;)

What do plants grow better in other than water?

I heard that Mountain dew, Juice (like apple/orange juice), and Salt/sugar water.. I don't know of anything else though. Sorry!

What makes this camera better than the other?

"Better" depends on your needs.If you need a small camera to fit in your pocket or purse, an expensive DSLR is obviously worse than a small and inexpensive point & shoot, even though the DSLR can g... Read More »