What Properties Prevent Plastic From Being Biodegradable?

Answer Plastic is a synthetic material derived from organic compounds usually found in oil and gas. Plastics consist of long molecular chains, known as polymers, that are combined with other substances su... Read More »

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Are fish scales an effective biodegradable plastic?

On One Hand: You Can Make Plastic From Fish ScalesPlastics are extremely useful materials. Their biggest drawback is that they are virtually non-biodegradable. In 2010, you can find a lot of resear... Read More »

Is there a substitute for non-biodegradable plastic bags in which to store food garbage?

There are a number of bags on the market made for kitchen and bathroom garbage cans that are biodegradable and/or compostable. Many are corn based and will break down easily in a landfill.Source:Bi... Read More »

Mechanical Properties of PVC Plastic?

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a common thermoplastic and has uses in a variety of applications. Knowledge of its properties is important in understanding if PVC has the strength for use in a speci... Read More »

Packing Clothes in Plastic to Prevent Wrinkling?

Wrinkles are caused when clothes sit on top of each other and press in on the small folds in the material. This can be avoided by wrapping your clothes in plastic and then placing them in a plastic... Read More »