What Propels Crayfish Through Water?

Answer The crayfish has three ways of moving through water. It meanders along ponds, rivers and stream beds on four pairs of walking legs when scavenging for food, occasionally swims with swimmerets, or i... Read More »

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I have just woke up to find water p*ssing through my bedroom walls (right round and down through the ceiling?

Here are my trouble shooters:Water tank leak or burst above youPipe burst alos above youHeavy rain...of course only if it is rainingOverflow of water if you have people above....Water has to come f... Read More »

How is sea water converted into drinkable water through desalination?

Desalinization converts some of the earth's vast repository of undrinkable salt water into drinkable fresh water. Unfortunately, the process is expensive both in money and energy.NecessityOnly one ... Read More »

How much water is flowing through my water hose?

The amount of water that flows through a hose varies based on the diameter of the hose and the amount of water pressure from the source. For example, a 50-foot by 1/2-inch diameter hose connected t... Read More »

What living organisms in pond water can be seen through a microscope?

Common microscopic organisms in pond water include bacteria, tiny animals, protozoans and algae. There are believed to be more than 50,000 types of protozoans. Some common types include ciliates, w... Read More »