What Product is Good for Skin Pores?

Answer When the pores of the face are enlarged, it can cause the skin to appear greasy, sallow and can cause the skin to become inflamed with acne pustules. While pore size largely is determined by heredi... Read More »

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Do you know the french product "foutre of taureau" Is it good for the skin?

the best in the word is "the foutre of taureau" limousin, realy good for skin, excellent soap for intimity.

Is there any skin care product that lighten black person's skin?

Ask Michael Jackson!! Only in America can a poor Black Boy grow up and become a Rich White Woman!!

Hi; i got sever back rash from dry skin, what is good for dry skin or good remedy?

Well, for severe dry skin, I would recommend several things. One thing that you could do is to drink more water. Another thing that could work is lotion. You may want to stick with non-scented or l... Read More »

Any ideas on a good product to remove product buildup on my hair?

This may sound a bit strange . . . but I swear by it. I have really thick, curly hair, and here's what a salon owner told me to do years ago; I've been doing it once a week ever since:Before you g... Read More »