What Preys on Peppered Moths?

Answer Peppered moths are a type of insect that is distinguished by its camouflaging wing colors, which are mostly black or mostly white. The lighter-colored moths are known as "typica," because when the... Read More »

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Who eats or preys on wasps?

Despite a venomous sting and bright coloring meant to ward off predators, wasps have many natural predators. Landcare Research puts insects such as dragonflies, centipedes, spiders and other wasps ... Read More »

Peppered Steak Or Garlic Shrimp Butter or Honey for your Biscuits Eggplant or Cauliflower?

garlic shrimp yummybutter on my biscuitscauliflower for me

A cucumber should be sliced, dressed peppered, vinegar ed, then thrown out as good for nothing. Agree or not?

Take a cucumber to bed with you tonight; a lot of ladies do. Cut off a couple of slices and lie there for a while with them over your eyes - rumour has it that it is good for you.

What Are Bogong Moths?

Bogong moths are native to Australia. They are migratory night-flying moths common throughout southern Australia. The moths are one of only a few species of moths that have an annual migration to a... Read More »