What Polaroid Camera does Key from SHINee have?

Answer You'll looking for the exact camera that I'm looking for. I believe it is the Fujifilm Instax 7s Polaroid camera. It cost about 100+ dollars.

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Does any Polaroid camera have a 4x5 back?

Polaroid never made a large format view camera, but 4x5 backs for its film were standard equipment for photo studios. Fine arts and landscape photographers still prefer view cameras. Polaroid no lo... Read More »

I have a 600 close up polaroid camera If i did buy film from ebay, would it work?

okay, all the polaroid film out there is currently can most likely get the film from here:…or ebay.the impossible project will stock up their n... Read More »

What Camera Is Better the Polaroid Digital Camera I737 or the Polaroid Digital Camera I735?

Once a name synonymous with instant printing cameras, Polaroid has developed a robust brand to include such diverse products as printers, digital cameras, LCD televisions and even sunglasses. Among... Read More »

Will Polaroid 600 film work in my Polaroid 1000 camera?

Traditional Polaroid 600 film will work in Polaroid's PIC 1000 camera, a redesign of the Polaroid OneStep camera. The PIC 1000 was unveiled in January 2010 at the International Consumer Electronics... Read More »