What Plastics to use in a key fob?

Answer Your mum a clock Willy head

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What plastics can't be recycled?

The technology exists to recycle all types of plastic, but some areas don't recycle certain types of plastic, because it costs too much. Check with your local recycling program for the types of pla... Read More »

What plastics are in a remote control?

Do you have a universal remote with a cable company i.e. comcast? If so, reprogram the universal remote and the tv remote should work as well. You can find the listing of codes for all manufactors ... Read More »

What advantages come from using paper bags instead of plastics?

Grocers have long asked the question "paper or plastic," but only in the past few years has the environmental impact of each type been examined. Both require great amounts of energy to produce and ... Read More »

How to Dye Plastics?

Avid builders of remote control cars, model airplanes or other small projects that contain plastic parts, often want to customize their parts to make their creations one-of-a-kind. To do this, many... Read More »