What Plants Close Their Blooms at Night?

Answer Some plants close their blooms when it's very cloudy or at night. This is called nyctinasty and happens when the plant's cells pump water from the base of petals and cause them to close. Most polli... Read More »

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Is there a flower that blooms at night?

Surrounded by fragrant night blooming flowers, relaxing on the back porch or deck on a warm sunny evening sipping ice tea is one of the most perfect ways to enjoy the end a summer day. There are fl... Read More »

Do I Trim Orchid Stems When the Blooms Fall off the Plants?

Although many people think that orchids are difficult to grow, that isn't necessarily the case. If the plant can grow in treetops in the wild with no human care, surely you can successfully grow or... Read More »

Why desert plants blooms very quickly and why these flowers have a brilliant colors?

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This is for people with parents that snore. Learn how to close the door to your parents bathroom that is in their bedroom and also their bedroom door late at night (between 12 and 3 am).