What Plant has metallic blue teasel like flowers?

Answer sea holly

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What plant has blue flowers?

A number of plants exist that produce blue flowers. Some of the most popular blue-flowered plants are the delphinium flower, centaurea (mountain bluet), campanula (bellflower), nepeta and scabiosa ... Read More »

Which plant has brown leaves with a silver center& blue flowers?

The chocolate plant, which belongs to the Acanthaceae family, has brown leaves with silver centers and inconspicuous violet flowers. A few species in Episcia genus, such as the chocolate velour, al... Read More »

Plant with blue purple or white flowers in large drooping clusters?

What color base goes under a blue metallic paint?

It is important to keep your base coats and top coats even, but be aware that colors darken as they dry. Under pearlescent finishes and colors like blue metallic paint, gray is a popular base coat ... Read More »