What Phylum Are Ferns In?

Answer Ferns are vascular plants, containing both phloem and xylem, and have roots, stems and leaves as do most other types of plants. However, unlike trees, flowering shrubs and most other plant types, f... Read More »

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What phylum is the flamingo in?

According to, the flamingo belongs to the "Chordata" phylum. The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology explains that animals in this phylum have a rod-like structure that extend... Read More »

What is the phylum of a lavender?

Plants do not have a phylum because a phylum is whether a living thing has a backbone or not.

What phylum is the fluke in?

The fluke is a parasitic flatworm in the phylum platyhelminthes. They feed on their host's tissues, cells, or blood. Some flukes live outside their hosts, but flukes that feed on humans are intern... Read More »

What Is the Phylum of a Fern?

Ferns occupy a unique niche in plant taxonomy. They belong to the group of vascular plants -- plants that possess xylum and phloem to transport water and air throughout their tissues. Plants withou... Read More »