What Personal Documents Are Needed for Pretrial Discovery in a Divorce?

Answer The legal process of going through a divorce can be long and confusing, especially for a person unfamiliar with the law. One of the most confusing aspects about the legal process of divorce is disc... Read More »

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Which legal documents are discovery and which are pleadings?

Civil lawsuits are prosecuted and defended with three main types of documents: pleadings, motions and discovery. Pleadings frame the basis for the claims and defenses, motions ask the court to make... Read More »

How Long Should I Keep My Divorce Documents?

There are many things to keep in mind during a home inspection. Developing a systematic approach to the job can make it easier to perform a quick and thorough home check. Before inspecting the hous... Read More »

Divorce Documents in Missouri?

Divorce for Missouri residents can represent a traumatic time for everyone involved. By making themselves familiar with the state's divorce laws and required forms, Missouri residents can move quic... Read More »

Are divorce documents off the public record?

While most divorce documents such as filing status and degree of dissolution of marriage are considered public record, the California Privacy Rights Clearinghouse states that public record determin... Read More »