What Perfume Note Is Gardenia Oil?

Answer The process of combining aromatic compounds and essential oils to produce perfume is complicated but fascinating. The ingredients are arranged in a way that allows for vaporization and evaporation ... Read More »

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How to Make Gardenia Perfume?

The soft, sweet scent of gardenia can be made into a simple perfume at home. The gardenia scent is thought to attract love to the wearer, as well as help you see clearly in the face of challenges. ... Read More »

Does a chiropractors note count as a doctors note?

In many jurisdictions Chiropractors are considered primary care physicians for musculoskeletal injuries. Your only option is to call the university administration and ask. If they insist on an MDs ... Read More »

Should I get the iPhone 5 or get galaxy note The only reason I want to get the note is that it works on flash I have an ipad2 but it doesn't work on flashSo should I get the iPhone 5 or galaxynote?

Well, Galaxy Note is out already, but iPhone 5 might not come out till October. If you can wait I'd say iPhone 5. Flash does help a lot, but it is getting replaced with HTML5 which iPhones have. A... Read More »

Samsung galaxy note 2. need help on using note 2?

On the main screen, there just be a square white button with a colourful triangle in the middle. The words underneath this button should be labeled play store. Click on it. Once it loads, click ... Read More »