What Percentage of a Home's Value Can Be Borrowed Against?

Answer Lenders set their own level of risk, and the less equity a borrower has in the home, the riskier the loan. There are four loan products that allow a homeowner to borrow 100 percent or more of the p... Read More »

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What percentage of homes have termites?

According to Western Exterminator Company center manager Denis LeBreton, about 25 percent of homes have some termite infestation. Approximately 50 percent of homes that are 20 years old or older ar... Read More »

What percentage of the elderly go to nursing homes?

About 4.2 percent of Americans 65 and older occupy nursing homes at any given time, according to Linda Breytspraak of the Center on Aging Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She note... Read More »

What percentage of children live in two-parent homes in Canada?

According to the 2006 Canadian Census, 80.3 percent of children aged 14 and under lived in a household with two parents. This includes married parents and common law parents. The percentage of chil... Read More »

Percentage of Energy Used by Incandescent Light Bulbs in Homes?

Incandescent light bulbs have been used to light homes for more than a century. Although the design of the bulb has improved over time, it is essentially the same concept. A filament that gives of... Read More »