What Percentage Do You Need to Put Down on Any FHA Loan?

Answer Using a loan from the Federal Housing Administration can provide you with an opportunity to qualify for a mortgage even if your credit is less than perfect. These loans are also known for providing... Read More »

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How much down payment do I need for a commercial business loan?

Every bank has its own requirements and policies for commercial business loans, but most require some type of down payment. The minimum down payment necessary is 10 percent, though some banks may r... Read More »

What percentage of the population has an auto loan?

About 70 percent of Americans finance the purchase of a vehicle with an auto loan. In the U.S. auto financing creates about $500 billion a year in loans, and dealer financing costs total about $1 b... Read More »

What percentage of girls keep it bare "down there"?

I think like 75 percent... girls like to keep their " down there" shave. because when guys go " down there" they want it to be shaved off if you know what I mean.

What percentage of children with Down syndrome are adopted or fostered?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.