What Percent of Income Taxes Do We Get Back?

Answer Everyone looks forward to a tax refund; it can be an unexpected bonus to receive a check in the mail or in your bank account. How much you get back depends on many factors, including the number of ... Read More »

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What percent of their income does the average American pay in taxes?

As of 2009, the Congressional Budget Office reported overall tax rates were 20.7 percent of the average American's income. However, according to an estimate by the Tax Policy Center, nearly 65.6 mi... Read More »

Who pays the largest percent of income taxes?

Information reported by the Internal Revenue Service in 2007 states that the nation’s highest earners (those making an adjusted gross income of $66,532 or more) pay the largest percent of income ... Read More »

Can you get money back from filing taxes if you had zero income?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, you should consider filing--even if you do not have to--if you qualify for refunds from eligible tax credits. For example, college students would qualify ... Read More »

How long does it take to get Colorado income taxes back?

The time it takes to receive a Colorado tax return depends on the filing method. Electronic filers receive the quickest returns--usually within 14 days. Paper filers receive their taxes back within... Read More »