What Part of the Nephron Is Responsible for the Reabsorption of Water?

Answer Human kidneys contain more than a million nephrons, or individual filtration units. Each nephron is made up of renal tubules and blood vessels, which pass substances back and forth in order to fil... Read More »

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Wich part of nephron is associated with ultra-filtration?

Between the glomerulus and the Bowman's capsule

What part of the plant is responsible for reproduction?

Plants that reproduce sexually have male and female reproductive organs in their flowers. The female organs are collectively called the pistil and include the stigma, style and ovary. The male orga... Read More »

Is your secondary insurance responsible for the part of the bill not paid by medicare?

Answer Yes. Check the plan brochure for how much and what percentage.

Ions That Are Responsible for Hard Water?

Hard water contains ions generated form the mineral present in the water. The source of these minerals can be natural or synthetic. Hardness in water is primarily the cause of formation of specific... Read More »