What Part of the Light Spectrum Do Plants Use Most?

Answer Plant growers and gardening enthusiasts understand how important light is to the plants they raise. Even casual plant growing people see how plants react to light and instinctively understand that ... Read More »

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What part of the electromagnetic spectrum is used in ovens?

In a microwave oven, we find that microwave energy (from the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum) are used. In a conventional oven, gas or electricity is used to create infrared heat,... Read More »

What part of the electromagnetic spectrum in used to warm ovens?

Answer You can. So long as the old cord is rated to carry at least 30 amps (which would be 10AWG or higher, or 5.3 square mm), you can just disconnect it from the old dryer and connect it to the ne... Read More »

What Is a Light Spectrum?

Visible light is only part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes ultraviolet light, infrared, radios, X-rays and microwaves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a description of energy t... Read More »

What Is the Spectrum of Visible Light?

Visible light is the composition of light that we detect with our eyes. Even though this light is a kind of wave, it manifests itself to us as colors. This makes it easy to visualize, but the prope... Read More »