What Part of the Body Is Known As the Proboscis?

Answer The word "proboscis" refers to a part of your body known much more commonly as the nose. Though these two words describe the same facial feature, they differ in their histories and purposes.

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Ladies... If you could blink your eyes and one part of your body be perfect, what part would you choose?

My thighs!Or . . .My face. Haha I hate breaking out . . .

What part of the body and how does the flu attack the body?

Answer: respiratory system, mostlyI am copying an answer I gave a while back to a question about how influenza can affect the respiratory system. _____There are a few different main strains of infl... Read More »

What part of your body do you like the most?

my soul. my eyes are not too shabby either.

Diet for a Proboscis Monkey?

Proboscis monkeys are one of the most unique looking animals in the world. They have large, bulbous noses that they use to make loud honking noises--hence the name. They are only found on the islan... Read More »