What PCI slot do I have?

Answer you should post model numbers rather than pics. pics doesn't tell much. with model numbers you can look all info up.use… this to get all details about you... Read More »

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Digital Camera Memory Cards - Does your computer have to have a slot for one to use one?

You have two options to read your cards;1. buy an external USB card reader. You plug this into a USB port and use it to read the card.2. buy and internal card reader and install it into your PC if ... Read More »

I have an agp slot right now. Does it matter what company agp cards you buy from such as nividia or radeon?

well, contrary to what others answered, AGP is not equal AGP.if you bought your PC in the last two or three years, it should have AGP 8x, indeed, but if your PC is four years or older, it might sti... Read More »

Do iPhones have a sim card slot?

all iphones have a sim slot but on the original iphone the customer cannot easily access it whereas the 3G iphone has the sim card and a sim card ejector tool

Do all HDTVs have a HDMI slot?

Yes of course, it's in the specification for HDCP.