What Organizations Accept Car Donations?

Answer When donating your vehicle to a legally recognized charity, you are allowed to deduct the charity's selling price from your federal income taxes. Charities sell the car and apply the funds toward t... Read More »

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Organizations That Control Organ Donations?

Ninety percent of Americans say they support organ donation, but only 30 percent know the steps to become a donor, according to Donate Life America. Several organizations throughout the United Stat... Read More »

Can Non-Profit Organizations Receive Tax Write-Offs for Charitable Donations?

A tax-exempt non-profit organization according to the IRS tax code 501(c) pays no taxes. Its function is for the benefit of society and operates exclusively for the purposes shown in the code. Some... Read More »

Can non-profit organizations receive tax write-offs for charitable donations?

By definition, a nonprofit organization has no profits on which to pay tax. Any donation that it makes to another charitable organization has no impact as a legal tax write-off.References:Non Profi... Read More »

Can an S corp accept donations?

Any type business can accept donations. However, only donations to nonprofit organizations can be considered tax-deductible. This means donors cannot deduct donations from taxable income, which rem... Read More »