What Online Communities are you involved in?

Answer I belong to MSN, Yahoo, Buzzen, Bebo,, and of course can not forget about Myspace communities. My favorite is Buzzen where allot of the friends I have met on MSN have moved since... Read More »

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What do you think are problems with online communities?

People are EXTREMELY argumentative. But heck, with a screen in front of you and no identification for other people, what have bullies got to lose?

Any online vegan communities?

Check out They have a pretty active forum and are a generally friendly place.

How to Find Support in Online Communities?

Finding support in online communities, or support groups, can be a convenient way to deal with any type of personal issue you may be facing in your life. There are many benefits to joining an onlin... Read More »

Social Networking, and Free Communities Online?

I just wanted to say that your social network is a welcome change,a breath of fresh air,if I want a social network with more cookies than at a girl scout meeting I can go to Myspace,if I want Troll... Read More »