What Of 700students at brewer middle school15 percent are in the math club how many are not in the math club?

Answer To get the answer you multiply 700 * .15. Since 15 is a percentage the . Tells the calculator that 15 is a percentage which will give you an answer out of 700 that's proportional to the 15 percent.... Read More »

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Math Percent Games?

The next step after learning fractions is learning percentages. In essence, you can convert from a fraction to a percentage by dividing the numerator by the denominator and multiplying by 100. (The... Read More »

How would a motorcycle club become sanctioned Is there a governing body that determines if you can be a club?

think u better do some digging in around here for starters. what u dont know can get u in a world of trouble by the established clubs.…

How to Make a Club Penguins Got Talent Igloo on Club Penguin?

Have you been to a Club Penguin's Got Talent igloo? Want to make one of your own? Then keep on reading.

How to Use Manipulatives in Middle School Math?

Students learn best when they are active rather than passive in their learning. One way to lead students in learning actively in math is to use manipulatives. Manipulatives are physical objects stu... Read More »