What Occurs When Earth's Plates Push Against Each Other?

Answer It wasn't until the 1960s that scientists realized Earth's continents sit on top of giant plates that are in continual, albeit very slow, horizontal motion that changes the way the planet looks ov... Read More »

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What force gets exerted as tectonic plates push on each other?

Tectonic plates are giant lithospheric masses. The earth has seven such major floating plates including the African, Antarctic, Australian, Eurasian, North American, South American and Pacific plat... Read More »

What makes currents move against each other?

Ocean currents are affected by a number of factors, including the energy of the sun and the gravity of the Earth. The constant motion of the air and the water that cover the majority of the surface... Read More »

Are the cia and FBI against each other?

No. It was time traveling extremists from the future.JFK would have become stronger than you could ever imagine.It had to be done.

Do oil companies compete against each other?

Yes, oil companies compete against each other. Like other businesses (retailers, manufacturers, hotels) an oil company attempts to attract customers from other oil companies to generate maximum pro... Read More »