What Nuns Wear on Their Heads?

Answer The piece of cloth worn on a nun's head is known as a veil. They can come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The different types of veils can indicate different things. The wearing of a veil is a ... Read More »

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What do nuns wear under their habits?

Curiosity and rumors surround the tawdry question of what nuns wear under their habits. Unlike other religious edicts, the rules for what nuns can and cannot sport beneath their outer layers have n... Read More »

What do the Teletubbies have on their heads?

aerials for the TVs they have on their stomachs that they receive messages from the the big windmill on the hill from.

What is the name of the kids tv show where the character's heads went into their necks?

If Women wear pants with "Juicy" on their butt, would men wear pants with "Meaty" on their crotches?

LOL, that is the funniest thing I ever heard, and for the record, I HATE those dumbas* pants with words on the butt, like cutie pie, cheerleader, ditzy psychopath, or Juicy. I think it makes girls ... Read More »