What Nikon lens are good for full body depth of field?

Answer In 38 years I've never heard of "... full body depth of field ..." so I'm going to guess you want to achieve maximum depth of field. If you have the usual 18-55mm lens then you have all you need. D... Read More »

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What is the best lens that gives best depth of field?

Depth of Field (DOF) is controlled by three factors:1) The focal length of the lens.2) The f-stop chosen.3) The subject distance.At you'll find an explanation of... Read More »

The Best Macro Lens & Depth of Field?

Macro lenses are mostly used for close-ups and magnified photography and can get quite pricey as their quality levels go up. When choosing a Macro lens, or any lens, the maximum depth of field will... Read More »

Wide lens with as much depth of field possible?

You really, really need to learn about Depth of Field (DOF) and here are some sites that will help:…http://www.illustr... Read More »

If i want a shallow depth of field and be relatively far from my subject, which nikkor 1 lens should i get?

Hard to say without knowing actual distances and the actual Depth of Field you want.Here is an on-line DoF calculator. You can input settings for the Nikon 1, the desired focus distance, the lens f... Read More »