How many records does Emmitt Smith hold?

Answer Emmitt Smith holds four major NFL records. He holds the record for the NFL's all-time leading rusher, career rushing touchdowns, career rushing attempts and most 1,000 yard rushing seasons. Additio... Read More »

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Is there a camcorder-like device that records everything you see without having to hold it?

You can get camcorders that strap around a hat or your head. Or wire a small one around your glasses frame.

Does AT&T hold records of people that have used a certain phone number?

If you have caller ID, her number, and maybe her name, could be listed on your phone. AT&T will not help you. Also, try googling the number you have for her.

Can an orthodontist hold your records because of an unpaid bill?

Air Force members are highly encouraged to work through their Records Management hierarchy to get answers to records management questions and concerns In the Air Force the Records Management hierarc?

Action Officer -> Records Custodian -> Air Force Records Officer -> Command or Agency Records Manager -> Base Records Manager -> Functional Area Records Manager -> Chief of Office of Record