What is a non scheduled traffic violation?

Answer A non-scheduled traffic violation is a violation that does not have a set fine amount; instead, the fine is determined by a judge. Because of this, non-scheduled traffic violations require a court... Read More »

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What time is the State of the Union address scheduled for on Tuesday?

What is one NASA space mission launch scheduled for January?

Altlantis is going back to space!!!I want to be a astronaut!Mark Lee( a awesome astronaut) came to my school today!!

What service runs turns of your monitor at a scheduled time I have mine set for 10?

If you're talking about Windows, it's a part of the "Power Settings" from the Control Panel. You can adjust a variety of things, and create various schemes to save each group of settings (mostly us... Read More »

How do I fix a scheduled task in Windows XP?

Open Scheduled TasksOpen the Start menu, click on or mouse over "All Programs", mouse over "Accessories", mouse over "System Tools" and click on "Scheduled Tasks".Fix a scheduled taskDouble-click o... Read More »