I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?

Answer Well you can put ice too it for good periods of timeand whehter your a boy or girl if you want to hide it you may need a little make upmake sure you dont touch the area to much or it will get worse... Read More »

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What is for breakfast tomorrow?

pancakes. eggs... waffles. lots of syrup.. toasted bread with butter and jam.. yum

I get my braces off tomorrow, what is it like!!!?

I don't have mine off but my friend got hers off a few days ago, she said it didn't hurt at all and that they just clip them off, and that it only took a few minutes. She said the retainer she got ... Read More »

What should i bring to the BBQ tomorrow?

I think cheesecake is not a wise choice.It is very high in calories, sugar and fat.A wise choice would be a healthy choice.Bring something for the main course.Example:Bring some corn on the cob fr... Read More »

What does COB tomorrow mean?

The acronym "COB" stands for "close of business." In the United States, the generally accepted time for the close of business is 5 p.m., but the time can vary by company. When something is required... Read More »