What Moves the Jet Stream?

Answer If you have watched weather forecasts on television, you have probably heard about the jet stream. This is a fast-moving channel of air in the upper atmosphere, of which aircraft can take advantage... Read More »

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What type of Gulf Stream ring is found between the Gulf Stream and the coast of the US?

How to Cancel Moves in SF4?

"Street Fighter 4" is a fighting game that is available on multiple platforms, including the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Performing combo moves often requires that you "cancel" a move. However, ther... Read More »

How to Do Sabu Moves from Ecw?

If you are a hardcore wrestler this is how you do it. Now how many of you know Sabu is hardcore? You're about to be like him.

How to Do Guitar Moves?

You could be the best guitar player, but also the most boring if you don't know how to please the audience. One of the most boring things ever is to watch a guitar player stand straight up and star... Read More »