What Motivates People to Stand Up & Take Action on Important Issues?

Answer Some people are highly motivated, setting goals and achieving them on a seemingly daily basis. People who feel strongly about certain issues in the world are often motivated to stand up and take ac... Read More »

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If the dead start attacking the living what course of action should people take?

What issues does barack obama stand for with war?

When Barack Obama took the office of the American presidency in 2008, he inherited two wars: one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Though Obama said he hopes to end the Iraq war as soon as possible, ... Read More »

Important School Violence Issues?

While many schools are safe environments, violent behavior makes life a nightmare for some students. Victims of school violence are bullied or cyberbullied via embarrassing photos on cell phones or... Read More »

Important Issues on Plagiarism in Colleges?

Just as financial fraud can range from writing a bad check to a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, plagiarism can rear its ugly head at every level of academic performance. Most colleges' antiplagiarism ... Read More »