What Molecules Enter the Krebs Cycle & What Molecules Leave the Krebs Cycle?

Answer Glucose is broken down into useable energy during the process of cellular respiration. The Krebs cycle is the second of three main steps that comprise cellular respiration in the presence of oxygen... Read More »

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How to Count ATP in the Krebs Cycle?

The Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid or tricarboxylic acid cycle, occurs during the last stage of metabolism. First described by Hans Krebs in 1937, the cycle begins and ends with oxaloac... Read More »

Do you remove the dryer lint after a cycle or just before starting a new cycle?

i suppose this question would be on your personal preferences. i take the lint out right before i start a new load. but my mom takes the lint out right after she empties the dryer so she doesnt for... Read More »

What Are Molecules Made Up of?

Since ancient times, man has wondered about the make-up of the world around him. Early philosophers postulated that matter was composed of various amounts of the "classical elements" -- earth, wate... Read More »

How does acid rain enter the water cycle?

When rainfall combines with certain gases and elements in the air, it can turn acidic. The pH of acid rain is lower than normal rainfall. Rain typically has a pH around 6, but acid rain has a pH be... Read More »