What Mesopotamia city did the first Dead Sea Scroll come from?

Answer The first Dead Sea Scroll came from Khirbet Qumran, an archaeological dig site on the West Bank (on Wadi Qumran). It was unearthed in 1949. The same cave contained a wide variety of Hebrew texts.So... Read More »

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What was the title of an eighties short run tv show about a Canadian Mounty that was assigned to a big city police department and was able to see his dead father?

I think it was "Due SOUTH." I saw most of the episodes and only stopped when the program got into social issues that seem ill-revelent to me.

What Were the Inventions of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia was an ancient land in western Asia in what is now part of Iraq. Mesopotamia was home to several advanced cultures, such as the Sumerians and the Assyrians. Historians call Mesopotamia ... Read More »

Seven Characteristics of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia existed on the flood plain between two rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris, as the name Mesopotamia, derived from ancient Greek "between two rivers" suggests. Mesopotamia existed from ... Read More »

What are the Discoveries of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is the site of oldest civilization discovered by archaeologists. The first civilization, Sumer, was formed more than 6,000 years ago. The name Mesopotamia means the land between two riv... Read More »