What Men Wore in Colonial Days?

Answer Although colonial men are often given credit for major historical changes, relatively little thought goes into the details, such as the clothing they wore. Dress was generally stricter and more mod... Read More »

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Colonial Days Activities?

Colonial Days activities come in a variety of forms from town celebrations to classroom or private group activities. These activities give guests an opportunity to escape their attachments to techn... Read More »

Who founded new york in the colonial days?

The colony of New York was founded on Manhattan Island by Peter Minuit in 1626. It was named for the Duke of York, according to Social Studies for Kids, and became a state in 1788.Source:Social Stu... Read More »

How big were families back in the Colonial days?

In Colonial times, large families were common. The average family had approximately nine members, but it was not unusual for families to have 11 or more members. Infant and child mortality rates we... Read More »

What kind of clothing did a blacksmith wear in the colonial days?

During the 18th century what you wore marked who and what you were in society even more than in today's modern fashion world. A blacksmith was one of the most important craftsmen in every colonial... Read More »