What Medicines that can abort 4 month old baby?

Answer A medical abortion is only possible up to week 9/63 days. Past that it has to be by surgery.

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Ways to abort a 4 month old baby?

There is only one way and that is through a surgical abortion at a clinic or hospital. You can contact Planned Parenthood and find out more and where in your area in the link below.

Do medicol ibrupofen can abort two month baby?

No it doesn't. You have to go to a clinic and get a safe abortion under medical supervision.

Is a rash that has no temperature and is over tummy back and neck of 15 month old baby bad enough to go to doctor - It is not itchy and is red - baby more grumpy but that could be teething?

What can a girl do to abort pregnancy if it is a month or less and she is still not sure if she is pregnant?

AnswerGo to a clinic like Planned Parenthood; see related links.That early will be a medical abortion and you have to go to a clinic and they will tell you what to do and examine you afterwords to ... Read More »