What Medicines are Used for Arthritis?

Answer Several types of medications are used to treat arthritis. The choice depends on the type and severity of the arthritis, but the goal for all patients is to relieve symptoms and improve joint functi... Read More »

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Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

They work,without dangerous side effects.

Is it okay if i take these medicines together?

As Tums helped you there is no need to take Zicam as well as most prescription medication has side effects. In most or all cases Tums has no side effects.

Medicines that contain alcohol?

If it's an emergency situation, or there are no other alternatives, then it is not haram. But it is best to find an alternative if there are any available. Allahu alim. Read More »

What medicines can cause seizures?

Every person's brain has what is known as a "seizure threshold." When the threshold is crossed, the brain responds by having a seizure. Although many factors may cause seizures, certain medicatio... Read More »