What Materials Are Fired in a Kiln?

Answer Although the exact date kilns were invented is unknown, in their most primitive form, they have been around for at least 10,000 years. Whereas the first kilns, created in the Neolithic period, rese... Read More »

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Simple Kiln Fired Clay Projects?

Simple clay projects involve hand-built designs and equipment found around the house. The most difficult part of making fired-clay projects involves locating a kiln to fire the item. Registering fo... Read More »

What is a wood kiln?

Wood kilns use burning wood to provide the heat source for firing ceramics when special effects from flashing and fly ash are desired in the finished product. They are not in widespread use today, ... Read More »

What is a wood or salt soda kiln?

Salt is poured into a wood-fired ceramics kiln. The salt heats and forms a glaze on the exposed surface of the pottery. Soda glazing is a chloride-free alternative. Bicarbonate is introduced into ... Read More »

How to Use a Kiln Peephole?

The temperature in an electric or gas kiln is measured using a pyrometer, a device that indicates the temperature at any point during a firing. Not all types of kilns have a pyrometer; instead, the... Read More »