What Materials Are Car Seats Usually Made Out Of?

Answer Vehicle owners expect both style and convenience from their car seats. Modern car seats therefore come in a variety of fabrics, which range from nylon to leather. Genuine leather offers both pure l... Read More »

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What Materials Are Car Air Fresheners Made From?

Air fresheners help enclosed areas like cars to smell better on the inside. They can be any shape but the cardboard cutouts are popular. Originally shaped like pine trees, fresheners now come in vi... Read More »

What materials are iPod made out of?

Answer i think the i pod is made out of anodized and aluminum?

What Materials Is the Flute Made of?

Every flute made can be an individual work of art. Materials used in the flute are selected by the flute-maker, who considers the needs of the musician who will use the flute. Students need reliabl... Read More »

Can Lycra be made from recycled materials?

Manufacturers can make Lycra can from recycled materials. Bamboo and recycled polyester are examples of materials used in eco-friendly Lycra. Some manufacturers also combine Lycra with other recycl... Read More »