What Matches Medium Oak Cabinets?

Answer To match medium oak cabinets, you will first need to know what is meant by medium oak. A medium tone white oak, for example, may range from a golden yellow to a light amber hue, while medium red oa... Read More »

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What color of flooring matches cherry cabinets?

On One Hand: Light Wood FlooringCherry wood cabinets can range in color from a light cherry wood to a very deep, dark red color. Pairing light-color flooring, such as oak, pecan or aspen wood, is a... Read More »

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Are Merillat cabinets cheaper than Kemper cabinets?

On One Hand: Kemper is Higher QualityAccording to, Merillat cabinets are merely a "budget type, stock cabinet." They fall in line with Thomasville and Mills Pride at about 25 perce... Read More »

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