What Mannerisms Do Men Find Attractive in Women?

Answer A man's feelings of attraction for a woman are more far-reaching than just the physical aspect of attraction. Each man is an individual with a different set of standards and preferences, but a patt... Read More »

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Do women find men more attractive with tattoo's than without?

I would never fault a man for not having one and it wouldn't make him less attractive to me.I do find tattoos attractive on a man, but only if they have some sort of significance or meaning to the ... Read More »

Do women find tattoos on guys attractive?

Depends on where and how the tattoo looks. If the tat was done nicely and looks good, I love it! But if it's something you did in a basement and looks horrible, No Thanks.The story behind the tatto... Read More »

Do women find guys with tattoos attractive?

You know, that's funny. My boyfriend broke up with me and then had this outta nowhere desire to get a tattoo - I argued against it for awhile, but he went and did it anyway. A big ugly tattoo on ... Read More »

Why is it that most men and women find a woman with a sharp chin more attractive?

I agree! Some thick women have better jaw lines and high cheek bones then some skinnier girls! Like I am pretty slender,but I have a chubby face! And I think it is just genetics :( But guys prefer ... Read More »