What Makeup Should I Wear to a Dance Audition?

Answer Looking your best is essential to a good dance audition – it leaves a mark on the audition panel and helps increase your self-confidence. For dancers, makeup should enhance natural features, but ... Read More »

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What audition song is played for the freestyle dance audition part for SM Global Audition 2013?

The back of the application has a sign a Confidentiality Agreement, or else we're an automatic fail, so we're not allowed to tell.

What song did akai dance to in his got to dance audition?

The name of the song's "FLEX", artiste is DIZZIE RASCAL. You can watch the at the related link.

How to Prepare for a Dance Audition?

A dance audition is an opportunity to present your dance technique, performance strengths and improvisational ability to dance judges. The dance audition may be for a dance scholarship, admission i... Read More »

What song does Rikoshay use in his Got to dance audition?

if you mean the 2012 solo audition its: Rustie: All nite.