What Makeup Is Used on Soap Operas?

Answer Soap opera actors need more than just waterproof makeup to withstand tears for dramatic scenes; renowned for looking flawless onscreen, soap actresses give makeup lovers reason to want a peek into ... Read More »

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What bores you the most in soap operas?

Comas, as they go on for too long and are just generally boring as obviously the character in the coma doesn't have any lines or anything for weeks or months. Lisa Michelle x x lol x x

What is the craziest thing about soap operas?

That people are alive one minute and dead the next until they get resurrected.People sleeping with their mother's or sister's boyfriend.They talking about the same thing over and over again.Their i... Read More »

What are you going to do when the soap operas are all gone?

I only watch One Life To Live, it's recorded daily on my DVR and it's been my favorite show since I was a kid watching it with my Mom. I hope it doesn't end, that would be so sad. :(

Many early TV sHow is as well as countless game sHow is and soap operas have been lost because studios used and reused the tapes Which of these is not lost?