What Makes a good parent?

Answer *good Listener*Great role model*firm and consistent discipline*firm and clear rules and guidelines to followLOTS OF LOVE ALWAYS. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.If the child does not feel loved, nothing else ma... Read More »

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What do you do that makes you a cool parent in your child's eyes, but a bad parent in other parents' eyes?

Well, my son is only 8 months old, so I'll answer on my own mother's behalf.She had 5 children (me and 4 others), and we went to a private school for K5-12 grade, so we all went to the same school.... Read More »

What should non-custodial parent do if the custodial parent volutarily gives you the kids for good?

Love them..Feed, cloth and care for them.......Then seek out a lawyer and sue the bejeebies out of that other so-called parent!

What makes a child favor one parent over the other?

The more a child feels understood, respected and loved by a parent, the more it will want to spent time with him or her.

A good reason for leaving the home of the parent that has custody wouldn't be that the child is depressed from being lonely or constant fighting between the custodial parent and child?

what would be a good reason to tell the housing people why u want 2 leave homewhat would be a good reason to tell the housing people why u want 2 leave home