What Makes a Narwhal Different Than All Other Whales?

Answer The narwhal, scientifically named Monodon monoceros, is a type of arctic whale known as an odontocete, or a toothed whale. What makes a narwhal different than all other whales is the tooth or tusk ... Read More »

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What Makes Crystal Different Than Glass?

From holding beautiful flowers to champagne during a wedding toast, crystal is often a symbol of elegance. With its ornate patterns, crystal sets itself apart from its glass counterparts. To the av... Read More »

What makes turtles different from other reptiles?

A turtle has several traits that distinguish it from other reptiles. However, things get a bit more confusing when you're trying to tell the difference among a turtle, tortoise and terrapin.Shell... Read More »

What makes Dre beats different from other headphones?

You can hear EVERYTHING the artist wants you to hear, the bass is much stronger hence the headphone makes your music sound NEW and its very crisp, you will love it I do not regret buying my Solo Hds

What is different about a dolphin than other marine animals?

A dolphin is actually a mammal, not a fish so dolphins have to come to the surface for air.