What Makes a Loud Car Muffler?

Answer Mufflers are an important part of a car. They are part of the engine exhaust system which vents cylinder compression gases away from the engine. Mufflers reduce sound and help control unwanted emis... Read More »

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Why Is My Muffler Loud?

The muffler on your car, as the name implies, is the part bolted to the end of the exhaust (and sometimes the center section as well) that muffles the sound of the exhaust gases as they are routed ... Read More »

What Makes a Car Louder: an Exhaust or a Muffler?

In a car, exhaust systems are installed to guide the gases and fumes from the engine away from the vehicle and the passengers in it. The system consists of a series of pipes linking the engine to a... Read More »

What Makes a Car Sound Loud?

Unintentional excess noise coming from your car is unsettling and could be the sign of a bigger problem to come. You should have a mechanic check out the issue as soon as possible.

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