What Makes a Flower Die?

Answer There is no doubt that flowers add an extraordinary aesthetic beauty to the world. They became symbols of human feelings and celebration. Growing them is a stress-relieving activity to a lot of peo... Read More »

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What makes a flower smell like a flower?

because of the different air around it goes to the plant

What font makes a flower?

A font called Roses! Roses! makes flowers. Different fonts can be downloaded from a number of websites. Many of these website are free for use. There are dozens of fonts that use flowers.References... Read More »

Which part of the flower makes pollen?

The stamen is the part of the flower that produces pollen. Pollination occurs when an insect or wind passes the pollen from the stamen to the carpels of the same flower or a different flower.Source... Read More »

What makes the carrion flower smell bad?

i really dont know :) The smell is produces to attract the flies that pollinate it.