What Makes a Cat Stop Eating?

Answer When a cat stops eating, it is a symptom of an underlying issue. The cat may first start to show a slight lack of appetite and may progress to completely refusing to eat--even its favorite treats. ... Read More »

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What is the best way to stop emotional eating?

Leave the comfort food on the shelves in the supermarket, buy extra fruit and veg, that way you gorge on healthy stuff, It does work trust me, I do it often.

What disease would cause a cat to stop eating?

Cats don't stop eating because they've suddenly become finicky or stubborn. Cats who go without food for more than 24 hours can develop hepatic lipidosis, a serious and sometimes fatal liver diseas... Read More »

When a person dies of cancer, what makes the heart stop beating, and the person stop breathing?

I'm an MD - cancer specialist for 20 years (now retired), so I've seen the deaths of many of my patients with advanced cancers - - been there at the bedside. The body just seems overwhelmed in th... Read More »

If i were a vegan, what would i have to stop eating?

HiIts great too see your trying to change your eating habits and become a vegan its a healthier lifestyle vegans don't eat meat,fish,eggs,honey or dairy or wear fur,leather,feathers or anything fro... Read More »